Giving Children A Brighter Future






Giving Children A Brighter Future

Mary’s Hope, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, whose mission is to give children a brighter future by establishing a private Christian elementary school in Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala. Our vision and hope is to give children access to a free education, with the benefits of a hot meal, medical help, safety and economic support. The Children of Santa Maria de Jesus, whom we are working with, have had little to no formal education. To many of them, the dream of a bright future seems unattainable. Education is the vehicle to escape poverty. So please join Mary’s Hope to give children a brighter future!

Please view a brief message from our project manager, Claudia, with the latest update on our families in Santa Maria de Jesus

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30% of all children in Guatemala never complete first grade.
Over 50% of Guatemalan families live in poverty
41% of Students enrolled in high school never graduate
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